8 Ways to Keep Your Money Organized in the Digital Age

There’s an App for That: 8 Ways to Keep Your Money Organized in the Digital Age

Staying on top of your finances is infinitely easier when things are organized and easy to track. Luckily, new apps hit the online marketplace every day that can make tracking your money as easy as checking the weather.

Whether you want to see the status of your budget before you get to the register, or you want to track your debt repayment progress, there is most certainly an app for that.

Here are a few to check out today.

Task: Set a Budget and Track Your Spending

Mint (iOS, Android)


Mint is really a one-stop-shop when it comes to your finances. Track your spending across all accounts, monitor your investments, get your free credit score and create a budget that encompasses your current habits and financial goals. You’ll never wonder how your money is doing ever again.

Mvelopes (iOS, Android)


While many people swear by the envelope system when it comes to budgeting, it’s not necessarily practical in the digital age. Enter Mvelopes. This app allows you to track and categorize your spending and determine how much you have left to spend for the month. You can also store receipts and receive real time budget updates as you make purchases.

Task: Amp Up Your Savings Game

Digit (iOS, Android)

When you’re on a tight budget with little breathing room, knowing how much to save and when can be tough. Digit wants to help by transferring small amounts from your checking account to your savings account weekly, based on your income and spending. Don’t worry – it comes with a “no overdraft guarantee.”

Acorns (iOS, Android)
$1 per month (for balances under $5,000)

Acorns also wants to help you see the benefit of saving small amounts, but this app will take it a step farther and invest the money for you. Connect the app to your card of choice and it will round up purchases and save the difference. Once this amount reaches $5, it will be invested in an individualized stock portfolio.

Task: Manage Your Debt

ReadyForZero (iOS, Android)


If you’re ready to take full control of your debt, ReadyForZero has a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform to help. It allows you to link all of your accounts (student loans, credit cards, etc.), track due dates, establish a plan with a debt-free date and visually see your progress as you go.

Debt Free (iOS)

Debt Free wants to help you reach debt freedom by creating a plan that works for you – tackling lowest balances or highest interest rate first, or by applying a more customized approach. Receive email reports, access calculators, receive payment notifications and more.

Task: Save Money at the Store

Red Laser (iOS, Android)


The key to saving money isn’t tracking sales inserts and cutting coupons – it’s downloading a killer app like Red Laser. Monitor sales nearby, keep all of your loyalty cards in one central location and scan barcodes to quickly compare prices on items before you buy.

Snap by Groupon (iOS, Android)


There’s nothing like getting cash back on items you’ve already purchased, and Snap by Groupon is here to help you do just that. Simply check this week’s offers and scan your receipt and receive cash back on the items that qualify – sometimes up to $4!

Author Bio: Kayla Albert is a writer and content strategist committed to helping others build a solid financial foundation in order to live their best life possible. You can read more of her writing at KaylaAlbert.com.