About Student Loan Service

Our company provides document processing services that helps consumers find appropriate Department of Education (DOE) programs and then compiles, processes and submits to the DOE all of the required documentation. Our proprietary computer-based error detection software system validates the data you provide us to ensure accuracy in order to avoid delays or rejection of your application.

The student loan industry has seen many changes in recent years, including new options being offered for student loan debt relief.

Various options exist for borrowers, yet navigating these options and completing the necessary paperwork to your loans can be complicated and time consuming. You want to lower your monthly payments, but maybe you don’t know where to start, or you just want to be sure everything is done correctly. So, why not get some help?

Working with us, you will benefit from a team of experts on student loan. Student Loan Service is not a web portal to help you organize your loans. Organization is great, but action is better. Our representatives are helpful, trustworthy and highly-trained in document processing. We work closely with each client – to identify the best option for your personal situation and process your documents to make it happen.

Our client success stories make us proud that we are fulfilling our mission on a daily basis. We’d like to add you to the list of satisfied clients and look forward to speaking with you soon. To contact one of our professionals:

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    Contact our customer service department at:

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    Feel free to email or fax us with any questions/concerns at
    cs@studentloanservice.us or 877.268.4744